For the past 25 years, Shahin Kalantari has devoted his expertise in the Cosmetic Chemistry industry by helping to develop natural and organic personal care products. In 2008, he introduced the first certified organic product line under the brand “Eaurganic” in North America. His 30+ years of scientific study and his lifetime of passion for cosmetics can be felt in every drop of his products. Today, Shahin is behind the formulation, development and manufacturing of many national and international cosmetic brands.

FORMULATION EXPERIENCE – Shahin has helped develop different types of cosmetic formulas for skincare products (cleansers, creams, gels, serums, lotions), hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, fixatives, treatments), and body care products (daily cleansing, sun blocks, sun protection). The products are all natural, organic, green, sustainable and conventional cosmetics.

REGULATORY INPUT – Shahin’s interests and contributions to the cosmetic industry do not only rest in the formulation of ingredients. He also has become a champion in regulating the type of ingredients that are used in cosmetic products. After growing increasingly concerned with the amount of synthetic ingredients in so-called “organic” products, Shahin convinced members of Certech Registration that Canada needed its own standard for organic cosmetics. Thanks largely to his efforts, Certech Registration developed the IOS2008 standard – a standard specifically designed to ensure the legitimacy and quality of organic cosmetics and personal care products. Working as a regulatory expert, Shahin helps brand owners register their products with different regulatory organizations, to pursue their product certification in organic, natural, gluten-free, vegan, etc. fields. He also sets up Quality Operating Systems, such as GMP in manufacturing plants for highest quality performances. These quality performances help ensure approval by Health officials s such as Health Canada and the FDA for the manufacturing plants to produce Category 4 Drugs such as sun block and hand sanitizers.

ASSOCIATIONS – Shahin’s knowledge and experience in regulatory affairs makes him a valuable member of many associations including the Organic Council of Ontario and the Organic Trade Association, which was behind the first Canadian organic regulation of food and farm products in 2008.

BOARD MEMBER – Shahin is the recent Chair-elect and previous 2012 Chair of the Canadian Society of Cosmetic Chemists, an organization that he has been a member of since 2007. He is also part of the Cosmetic Program Board, which in partnership with Seneca College of Ontario, and other SCC Ontarian Board members in 2015, helped develop a cosmetic chemist certification program at Seneca College.

ACHIEVEMENTS –Shahin is the founder of Eaurganic by d’Avicenna, one of the first certified organic skin and hair care producers in Canada. He is the lead professor at Seneca College teaching formulation labs in the cosmetic chemistry program. He is nationally and internationally certified in organic cosmetic formulation, Cosmetic GMP, Cosmetic quality operating system and regulations. Shahin also participates in online podcasts, blogs and publications regarding organic and natural cosmetics.

LECTURER– Since the launch of the Cosmetic Chemist Certification program, Shahin has worked with Seneca College as a curriculum developer as well as a chemist professor.

BIOGRAPHY – Shahin’s passion to develop cosmetics began at an early age. His father was a world-renowned geologist, professor, and scientist with the World Health Organization. His mother was a well-respected artist who drew her artistic inspiration from nature. Shahin attended one of the top universities in the world, where he studied chemistry. There, he learned about all the amazing things that could be accomplished through chemistry, including the combining of different ingredients to create effective and useful products. Through his connections with the artistic and the intellectual community, he made a name for himself as a developer of effective beauty products. Before long, Shahin was inundated with orders for all kinds of products including skincare, hair care, body care, creams and masks. This experience was the foundation of all future endeavors.
In 1996, when Shahin moved to Canada to further his professional career in the cosmetic and personal care industry, he continued to follow his dreams by making his own cosmetic products for his family, using natural and effective ingredients. Using a small kettle in his own laboratory, he worked tirelessly on perfecting his formulations with the intention of starting his own business. His university studies gave him the tools and his background gave him the passion to create Eaurganic by d’Avicenna – one of the first certified organic skin and hair care products in Canada. Following in his father’s footsteps, Shahin has become a world-renowned authority on green sustainable chemistry in cosmetic science.