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Cosmetic Product Development Service

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Shahin Kalantari and his team of experts and result-oriented professionals at Cosmetic Chemist Alliance are behind some of the most effective skincare, color cosmetic and personal care products in the industry. They are experts in developing and manufacturing certified natural/organic product formulations using the finest ingredients available. Their expertise is not only in formula development, but also in quality manufacturing. In order to ensure that its customers receive the best product and service, Cosmetic Chemist Alliance develops quality operating systems for manufacturing plants to achieve GMP and ISO goals as well as any other regulatory registration.

 Customer Approved

Trusted By Hundreds Of Customers

“He’s the most knowledgeable when it comes to natural formulations, manufacturing and stability. He is an integral part of my team, and someone I trust and highly recommend him without hesitation.“


“Brilliant, passionate, responsible. CCM formulated range of product for us which is already love by customers. CCM is a keeper.“


“Once you know the benefit of going organic with Shahin. You can never go back to sub standard products again. He has inspired me and now i have something to tell my customers.“


Head Office:
15 Heritage Road
Markham, Ontario
L3P 1M3 Canada


Satellite Office:
403-930 Palm Ave West
Hollywood, 90069

+1 (866) 816-3049