About d’Avicenna

After more than two decades in the cosmetic industry, d’Avicenna Inc. is the culmination of Shahin Kalantari’s lifelong dedication to natural and organic beauty.

In  2004, d’Avicenna Inc. began producing natural skin care products.  The company quickly built a reputation for having quality and effective goods, all while growing a following and garnering media recognition.  With frequent mentions in publications such as Tonic and Viva, as well as Lou Lou, Elevate, Best Health, and the Toronto Star, d’Avicenna’s impact on the world of natural and organic personal care products became irrefutable.

In early 2008, d’Avicenna proudly became the first company in North America to launch a certified organic line of personal care products under Certech Registration’s new IOS organic cosmetic standard.  This line was called Eaurganic and remains d’Avicenna’s current premium brand. Later in 2007, Eaurganic adopted the world approved Ecocert organic standard and became Ecocert certified.

By 2012, d’Avicenna was developing cosmetic products under different regulations for its clients worldwide.  Three years later in 2015, d’Avicenna created Cosmetic Chemist Alliance, a division adopting the company’s extensive experience in private label skincare formulation and manufacturing.  These skincare formulations are exclusively and effectively developed in a luxury delivery system, using only quality ingredients, all while staying on-budget.

As of the last few years, like many other industries, the personal care industry has been experiencing a transformation. More innovative practices are being created and more restrictive regulations are being employed.  There has also been an increase in raw material prices.  With an industrial desire and consumer demand to replace conventional components with more naturally derived ones, the traditional methods are being sidelined.  Today’s market now calls for more sustainably sourced and biodegradable alternatives.  Cosmetic Chemist Alliance is committed to aligning itself with these new practices and providing products that meet today’s needs.

It takes a large number of tried and tested formulations to either develop a new product or re-formulate an existing one.  Typical difficulties inherent to formulation include reproducibility, time consumption and process complexity.

To alleviate some of these issues, Cosmetic Chemist Alliance offers high quantity production solutions which routinely help facilitate research and quality without compromise. These solutions are offered to all of our customers to afford them not only more product, but also a better product.

In conjunction with standard solutions offered, Cosmetic Chemist Alliance also provides individualized solutions to match specific needs.  Our products and methods deliver effective and value based results.  These results are founded on scientific studies and testing, and allow us to develop specific formulations that help maintain healthy skin as well as treat most skin related challenges.

Along with generating specific and effective formulations, our marketing team will assist you in developing your product from design to point of sale. In addition to this, Cosmetic Chemist Alliance has quality operating systems in place that help facilitate both manufacturing and registration processes.

With the ability of supplying a completed product from inception to the final stages, Cosmetic Chemist Alliance is essentially providing a turnkey service to its customers.

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